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Filmline ltd. Kenyan film equipment clearing and forwarding company Filmline ltd. Kenyan film and related equipment clearing and forwarding.
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P.O. BOX 76531 CODE 00508

Kalpesh M. Solanki
+254 722 412818
+254 733 412818


Sanjay M. Solanki
+254 722 706525







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Clients Comments

I know I'm coming back to Nairobi soon but I wanted to drop you a line to express my sincere thanks for the very considerable amount of work you have done on our behalf on the Constant Gardner.. You dealt with goods, shipments of all sorts as well as the cast in a wonderful efficient way..- Simon Channing Williams(Producer)

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Filmline Clearing everything



“A Seasoned clearing agent who has a clean track record of over 30 years like Filmline ought to be granted such an indulgence as it will be easy for the department to track him for any issue that may arise in relation to this business.” (Kenya Revenue Authority)


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Filmline Service overview
Filmline Clearing and forwarding filming Equipment

Clearing and Forwarding


FILMLINE is a leader in the regional clearing & forwarding industry, and control all operating elements clearing cargos within its portfolio. FILMLINE has the capacity to service both the local and international markets; we handle all equipments that fall within our stable.


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