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Filmline ltd. Addresses

P.O. BOX 76531 CODE 00508

Kalpesh M. Solanki
+254 722 412818
+254 733 412818


Sanjay M. Solanki
+254 722 706525







About Us

The dawn of the last decade heralded the birth of FILMLINE Limited in 1990 thanks to a great inspiration by two gentlemen Mr Terry Clegg and Robert Halmi. Their vision was anchored on the need to establish a vibrant outfit to venture into the niche market of clearing cargo for the filming industry. Through its director's hard work and thirst for success, this vision gradually turned into reality. But it was not until 1995 when FILMLINE sprung to life and has since blossomed into the distinguished Clearing and Forwarding firm that is today redefining the FILM industry.

FILMLINE has been in the business since then, and we have had the opportunity to experience phenomenal growth in time as we witness the film industry grow in tandem having exclusively pioneered the business of clearing cargo and equipments and crew in the shortest time possible.

FILMLINE is synonymous with the biggest film productions and documentaries to have ever been created on Kenyan soil. FILMLINE is the face of the largest and most popular commercials to have been recorded in this region thanks to its unrivalled expertise in handling and clearing cargo and equipments and crew meant for such undertakings.

FILMLINE has always been there and is proud to be associated with world's famous BIG CAT DIARY produced by the BBC at the great Massai Mara, to the captivating Constant Gardener, The riveting CBS produced Survivor Series (Shaba), The White Massai, Out of Africa and famous South African Cry for Freedom (Sarafina) and the enticing Redds/ Nokia Face of Africa.

FILMLINE was there to clear equipment and crew for recording of the globally acclaimed Earth Song by the late Pop Star Michael Jackson which was shot in Tarangire, Tanzania. FILMINE has also been responsible to handling equipments for great productions like Tusker Project Fame and the renowned CNN's African Journalist of the year Award.

FILMLINE's consistent growth tells the story of our consummate success. FILMLINE's main asset is the trust we have won from our clients through our firm vow to maintain the quality of our services which is what makes us dependable.

FILMLINE believes in the philosophy that challenges are opportunities. FILMLINE ensures the optimum level of client satisfaction. We endeavor to employ and impart our professional skills in order to bring maximum measurable yields for our clientele.

From our founding days till date, FILMLINE has strived to offer the best service; quality and competitive price in all aspects our business of clearing and forwarding, whilst understanding our customer needs and expectations, thus providing them with a innovative and cost effective timely solution.
At FILMLINE, we specilise in clearing film crew, cargo and equipments off all shades, and kinds including animals and delivering then to the destinations.

Who are we

FILMLINE is Kenyan-based firm clearing forwarding firm speacilised handling special film cargo, equipment and crew. FILMLINE also undertakes logistics including transport and warehousing. FILMLINE is currently under the stewardship of Mr Kalpesh Solanki who is involved in the day to day running of the company. Mr Solanki has been in the freight business since 1990, and has handled all aspects of freight forwarding and is experienced & knowledgeable in the field of logistic management.

Our head-office is based in Nairobi South C where all operational procedures are handled.

Filmline Agent Network

FILMLINE is a proud member of World Cargo Alliance (WCA). As part of this ever expanding network we have the ability to assist with clearing worldwide with our strong global network we have cemented relationships with reputable agents. It allows us to provide you with the best possible service at the best possible rate.

FILMLINE's agent networks spans across the globe. In AMERICA we work with Seco- Worldwide, In ITALY we are linked to Cechectti and Speed-Cop. In the UK Dynamic International and DHL Global Forwarding of BBC London are our links and so is Germany's Multi Logistics. In Africa, Film Freight and Pioneer Freight are our main agents.

Associations and Memberships

FILMLINE limited has forged strong ties with the WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and through this association we can offer excellent service delivery from and to all ends of the globe. We are also a proud member of the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA)

Our Moto

FILMLINES motto is : Our business is to move you forward

Our Goals

Filmlines' constant and continuous endeavour, to improve and upgrade our services and efficiency levels, has made us one of the few players, offering a whole range of customised services in the field of clearing and forwarding. To address our valuable customers' demands, and to give them utmost satisfaction, we have earmarked handling of consignments as our immediate thrust area. Little wonder then, that we remain the first choice for many reputed clients.

Our Beliefs

At FILMLINE, we believe that Nothing is Impossible. This has been our belief since inception and this is what has made us address the individual needs of our customers.

One thing that has always kept us going and growing is the satisfactory smile on our customers' face.
Vision: To be the best service provider of clearing and forwarding in the film industry
Mission: To always provide the highest quality service at affordable costs within the shortest time possible.


British Broadcasting Corporation, Cable New Network, Discovery Channel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Production, National Geographic, Animal Planet, The Big Cat Diary, Blue Sky, View Finders, Contact Productions.

Past Projects

FILMLINE is proud to be associated with a number of successes in the film industry thanks to its unwavering


Walk with the lions, Nowhere in Africa, Revenge, The Last King of Scotland, I Dream of Africa, Tomb Rider, Face to Face, Sheena the Jungle Queen, While Lion. Short Films: Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Stargaze Series and King Solomon's Mines

Documentaries: The Big Cat Diary, Translocation of Rhinos form Czech Republic to Kenya in 2010.

Commercials: Africa: Redds/Nokia Face of Africa, Safaricom, Trust, Energizer, Serengeti Beer, Safari Larger and Malta-Guinness. Europe: Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Visa Card, Master Card, Guinness, Heineken Beer, San Miguel Beer and Amstel. Asia: Doosan Water.

Sports: MultiChoice, Super Sports, Street Football featuring Edgar Davids.

Reality TV Shows: Tusker Project Fame, Mama Awards. Zain Africa Challenge, Fashion Show: Miss Poland 2008, Miss Czech held in Mombasa in 2009.



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